February is Here!

We had a short week back, but accomplished much. In reading workshop, we are working in book club partnerships to study characters. We are practicing thinking more deeply about our characters by paying attention to what they say and do to grow theories about them and make predictions about what they may do next and why.

In writing workshop, we are now drafting fractured fairy tales on a fairy tale of choice. We have created a “writing colony” in our classroom. Techniques we are working on are using narration, refrains, balancing action and dialogue, and descriptive language.

In math we have jumped ahead to fractions. While we work on this unit, we will continue to memorize our multiplication and division facts.

Valentine’s Day:

A class list was sent home with your child to write Valentine cards. Again, this is not a requirement, but if your child would like to write Valentines, each classmate needs to then receive one. I also discussed with the students that I will provide a Valentine bag that we will decorate Tuesday morning to hold their Valentines/candy. However, if your child is wanting to make their own bag/box at home they certainly may bring that in on Tuesday. Again, our party will be from 2:30-3:15.

Next week is also Spirit Week for students. Each day of participation is $1. Money raised will go to the SLHS Student Task Force that grants money to projects throughout the school year.

Monday: Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday: Valentine hat/headwear

Wednesday: Dress like your teacher day

Thursday: “Nerd” day

Friday: Pajama Day

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